Regenerative Medicine Today Podcast #50

Regenerative Medicine Today #50

Regenerative Medicine Today welcomes Dr. Kacey Marra. Dr. Marra is an Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh and Director of the Plastic Surgery Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Marra’s research is focused on the use of adipose derived stem cells for the regeneration of nerve, bone, adipose and cartilage. The lab uses adipose-derived stem cells for these bioengineering applications.

The Lab is combining basic science and clinical research to turn innovative ideas into realities through the use of adult stem cells derived from fat. Fat, or adipose tissue, contains an abundant number of adult stem cells, over 10 times more than in bone marrow. These cells not only regenerate adipose tissue, but they can reconstruct a variety of injuries and defects by being coaxed to develop into nerves, bone, or cartilage.

Finally, Dr. Marra discusses her strong commitment to mentoring women and minorities in the career opportunities that are available in science and medicine.

For more information about the Adipose Stem Cell Center, please Click Here.

For more information about the Plastic Surgery Research Program, please Click Here.

For more information about Research Opportunities for High School Students (ROHSS) , please Click Here.

For more information about the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, visit:

McGowan Institute Research Site

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